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Program Help, Interface and Functions

Tray Icons
There are two icon sets for the tray. The player automatically changes its icon set depending on the status of web server in order to indicate the ability to receive TCP/IP commands.
Icon Set 1 Icon Set 2

indicates that the player is stopped and user can start play by clicking the icon.
indicates that the player is playing and user can start play by clicking the icon.
Please notice that the status of the player is opposite than the indication since the program was designed to have the tray icon as a command button

Icon Set 2 is displayed with the same functionality but the yellow color indicates that the program accepts TCP/IP commands.
Right click menu
The program is available on tray icon right click.

This menu contains:
  • The station name (indicated with blue color).
  • Two fields with Play/Stop commands (only one is enabled each time - depending on player status) .
  • Open tree menu which is used to Open Link and Open Playlist file (*.pls).
  • Favorites tree menu which contains 10 preset stations to select from and manage command which opens the ini (where the favorites are stored) files for edit.
  • Level... option which opens a slider (in new window) near the tray icon to set player's volume level.
  • Help... option which displays a short help screen.
  • About... option which displays credits screen.
  • Exit option which closes the player.

Open sub menu

Favorites sub menu

(Global) Hot Keys
The following hot keys are available when the player is running:

Standard Keys
  1. (CTRL)&ALT&P or CTRL&SHIFT&P : Play
  2. (CTRL)&ALT&S or CTRL&SHIFT&S : Stop
  3. (CTRL)&ALT & F or CTRL&SHIFT&F : Save track title to favorites.txt (located on program path) *
  4. (CTRL)&ALT&T or CTRL&SHIFT&T : Pop up title window *
  5. (CTRL)&ALT&X or CTRL&SHIFT&X : Close player
  6. (CTRL)&ALT&H or CTRL&SHIFT&H : Cancel auto close function when the auto close message appears *
  7. (CTRL)&ALT&O or CTRL&SHIFT&O : Display open playlist dialog
  8. (CTRL)&ALT&M or CTRL&SHIFT&M : Mute Player *
  9. (CTRL)&ALT&1 or CTRL&SHIFT&1 : Opens favorite station no 1
  10. (CTRL)&ALT&2 or CTRL&SHIFT&2 : Opens favorite station no 2
  11. (CTRL)&ALT&3 or CTRL&SHIFT&3 : Opens favorite station no 3
  12. (CTRL)&ALT&4 or CTRL&SHIFT&4 : Opens favorite station no 4
  13. (CTRL)&ALT&5 or CTRL&SHIFT&5 : Opens favorite station no 5
  14. (CTRL)&ALT&6 or CTRL&SHIFT&6 : Opens favorite station no 6
  15. (CTRL)&ALT&7 or CTRL&SHIFT&7 : Opens favorite station no 7
  16. (CTRL)&ALT&8 or CTRL&SHIFT&8 : Opens favorite station no 8
  17. (CTRL)&ALT&9 or CTRL&SHIFT&9 : Opens favorite station no 9
  18. (CTRL)&ALT&0 or CTRL&SHIFT&0 : Opens favorite station no 10
Standard keys behavior depends on hotkeys value on settings.ini file for more info about it please read the INI Help

Power Keys
  1. CTRL&ALT&SHIFT&F8 : Explores program folder *
  2. CTRL&ALT&SHIFT&F9 : Opens settings.ini for edit *

Multimedia Hotkeys
  1. Multimedia keyboard's PLAY Starts playback
  2. Multimedia keyboard's STOP Stops playback

* These commands are available only by Hot Keys

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