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Project Description
XtreMP3 is a tiny windows streaming (radio) player. Runs directly from system tray and it is completely managed from its tray icon. It can integrate with external applications like LCD Smartie. Its interface is quite simple and supports system global hot keys for easy usage. Advanced functions like Timed Mute, Title Saving, Inactivity Timer and many more are available on this robust player which is gonna be your favorite radio station player.

The player created with one challenge: to have the minimum required interface or even better no interface at all. Soon realized, during the first unreleased builds, that the best way is to have a minimal indication on the system tray.
In order to be controlled the tray icon can command the player to Play/Stop and indicate the status as well. Lot of functions are available in player which makes it a very powerful stream radio player for the office and your home desk.

Key features:
  • Tiny Interface - The worlds tiniest streaming media player! (Running from system tray)
  • Tray Click Commands (Start/Stop by clicking the tray icon)
  • Global Hotkeys (Easy key combinations to send commands to player)
  • Favorite Stations List
  • Playlist file support
  • Link opening
  • Title popup
  • Mute and Timed Mute functions
  • Track Title Saving Function
  • Portable application (No installation needed)

More info and guides can be found on documentation section.

NEWS (Nov 2012)
  • A new version is currently under development. Expect more stability and more functions.
  • Remote control software for windows is almost ready and will provided for download as well.
  • Remote control app for Android is under development as well.
Stay Tuned

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Here are some some images from player's tiny interface:
The tray icon with tool tip text (the track title) Title pop up window Right click menu sample (Favorite Stations List)
--- --- ---
About screen Volume level screen Splash screen

XtreMP3 requires .net framework v4.0 to be installed to your system in order to run1.
Additionally the following dll files: Interop.WMPLib.dll, AxInterop.WMPLib.dll and UNOLibs.Net.dll 2 should lie in the same directory with the executable.
1 .net framework can be downloaded here
2 dll files included in the release package but these files are not distributed under the same license since they are third party work. Open source license applies only on executable file and the code provided on codeplex community


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