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INI File

The program uses an ini file to store settings. Here are some information about this, available for tweaking.
The file settings.ini is located under the program folder and it is automatically generated each time the program starts without the file present to this folder.
It is highly recomended not to change values in this file if you are not sure what are you doing or at least create a backup before any change. Be warned that the following info are for advanced users only. Messing with this file may cause program instability and may lead to crashes.

INI Explained
Under the settings Section the following Keys are available
Key Explanation Accepted values Remarks
volume Sets the player volume level 0 to 100 Auto generated value by the player
radiourl Displays the actual stream url Any valid stream Url Auto generated value by the player
radioname Displays the radio station title Any text value Auto generated value by the player
autoplay Enables/Disables player to start play on its startup True/False -
showtips Enables/Disables player to display balloon type tips on tray icon True/False -
extracttitle Enables/Disables player to send its status and title to LCD Smartie True/False -
showtitle Enables/Disables player to Show pop up messages each time is changed True/False -
waitforremotecommands Enables/Disables player's internal web server to accept network commands True/False Experimental
autoclose Enables/Disables player's autoclose on one hour of inactivity. If player is in stopped mode for more than one hour True/False -
hotkeys Disables/Enables player global hot keys. Changes the key compinations. Useful to avoid problems when hotkeys are intent to be used on other programs. 0= Disabled, 1=CTR+ALT, 2=ALT, 3=CTR+SHIFT For more info check also Hotkeys Explanation
pkeys Enables/Disables power keys 0/1 For more info check also Hotkeys Explanation
mkeys Enables/Disables media keys 0/1 For more info check also Hotkeys Explanation
checkupdates Enables/Disables program to check for newer versions on the web True/False -
mutetime Sets the time (in seconds) the player stays muted. 0 means timed function is disabled and the mute should be active until user clicks on mute message 0 to 999 -
mutelevel Sets the volume level during the mute status 0 to 100 It is obvious to use values up to 20 in order to get a lower volume level than the playback

INI Default
Default Settings.ini should look like this (v1.0.10.46 and newer)
radioname=Rock 969 Athens
RadioName=Rock 969 Athens

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